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"Sensations": a documentary on French sommellerie

This documentary film shot in the four corners of France plunges us into the heart of a little-known profession: sommelier.

The general public often confuses oenologist and sommelier. The first is in charge of winemaking while the second is responsible for serving wine in a restaurant. He develops the wine list, manages the cellar and guides the customer in his choice. Not all restaurants have a sommelier, it's a luxury that some establishments afford.

Today we present to you a newly published documentary: Sensations , directed by Florent Martin and Florent Aceto. The 33-minute film is freely available on Youtube (link at the end of the article).

It is divided into chapters in which we discover the know-how of the sommelier profession with an emotional, sensory and technical approach.

Through the testimonies of young sommeliers, best workers in France, winners of the Best Sommelier of France and World competitions and personalities who are as passionate as they are unique, the film approaches with simplicity the perceptions and "sensations" of each . On a proposal by Florent Martin in co-production with Florent Aceto.

The directors deal mainly with France (the production is on the initiative of the Union de la Sommellerie Française ) but we can welcome an international opening thanks to the interventions of Pascaline Lepeltier , French sommelier based in New York, as well as Paz Levinson , Argentinian sommelier to Anne-Sophie Pic.

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy! The accompaniment of a stemmed glass is strongly recommended...